Wednesday, August 16, 2006

3. Privacy

Blogger now allows you to decide whether you wish to have your blog viewed by blog authors, people you choose by their email address or anybody which is the default. However a security issue has already been discovered you can read more about that here.

Once the security issue has been sorted I think this feature may come in handy for many bloggers, those that just wish to share with their family or a small group of people only etc...

2. Templates

Obviously after creating your name and account you would want get a good template to match the theme of your content. If you view the tour Blogger Beta have made, you would see that they mention

"We’ve added a bunch of new templates"

To me this is dedefinitely misleading, rather then create new and innovative templates it seems they have just modified the old ones possibly to adapt to the new features.

Most of it is just vavariations of colour or slight modifications and the template viewer is now so small you can barely see the layout until you have applied the template.

Currently the HTML editor is unavailable hopefully they will add the editor soon.

They have made the basic colours easier to edit you just select the element and then pick a colour.

They have also made a function which allows you to edit the page elements, you can easily add or remove new elements. Some of the new elements include:
  • Lists
  • Labels
  • Feeds
  • Blogger logo (optional I believe)

A lot of the template I feel is still restricted compared to the other platforms.

1. Dashboard

I'm going to do a detailed review of blogger beta from top to bottom starting with the first aspect the Dashboard. Please remember this is the Beta verison and so the may change some aspects in the final version.

In my opinion the new dashboard hasn't changed at all, except minor details. The biggest change they have added is the content from the Blogger's official blog below. The rest has remained the same your profile and account features have not changed.

Testing Beta

I just quickly set up this blog to test the new Beta version of blogger, I will be posting much more as I explore more and more...